Seamus McGrenery:
currently living and working in Dublin Ireland

Anyone can make TV

This was the title of a book I wrote some time ago, and it is the philosophy behind this page and blog. With the right information anyone can get their message across using the most powerful communications medium we have.

Most of the content is practical 'how to' advice on making video, film and TV based on my years of experience as a media professional and teacher.

It also includes some important insights into why some shots or edits work better than others.


Anyone Can Make TV can be ordered from Amazon or you can e-mail for a copy.

Other McGrenery's

Maybe you were looking for another McGrenery.

The name, which apparently derives from McGrenra is sometimes spelled withtwo ee's (McGreenery) or an a (McGranery).

James McGranery (1895 - 1962), US Congressman and Attorney General